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Welcome to the Awaken Your Wise Woman podcast with host Elizabeth Cush, therapist and women’s life coach. Every other week you’ll hear from Elizabeth and her guests as they explore women’s needs, desires, fears, hopes, and dreams—all that it means to be a wise woman moving through life's challenges and transitions. 


Tune in to learn from Wise Women who know the struggles that come with being a woman today. We'll explore how to live with more authenticity, purpose, and compassion as we share stories that will help you find the path back home to you—your truest, most beautiful, messy self.


Awaken Your Wise Woman is the evolution of the Woman Worriers podcast.

May 8, 2023

Does your inner critic point out all the reasons why you shouldn’t do something? Does your perfectionist chime in in agreement? If so, you may find yourself missing out—or pushing yourself harder and harder. Ultimately you wind up feeling unfulfilled and/or overwhelmed. Many women struggle with their perfectionism and their inner critic. They find it hard to take care of themselves—or even to be kind to themselves. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. In this episode of Awaken Your Wise Woman, host Biz Cush, LCPC, a licensed professional therapist, founder of Progression Counseling in Annapolis, Md., and a mid-life women’s life coach, looks at the inner critic, perfectionism and lack of self-care through the lens of Internal Family Systems (IFS), otherwise known as “parts work.” She explains the role of each and shares insights from her own personal journey and explains how you can use a practice of self-compassion to calm those parts and create a better relationship with yourself.


“Our inner critic and perfectionist parts interplay in such dramatic ways that sometimes we don't even recognize what's happening.” — Biz Cush


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